Sylvia Hutton - Artist Mentor & Life Coach


"One of my earliest memories is of the sound of car wheels singing on the asphalt as we traveled down the highway from Kokomo, Indiana to my grandparents' house in rural Tennessee.  Because I was so young, there are no words connected with this memory, only the varying pitches of the sounds, the humming of my voice, and the intense joy generated by the harmony and vibration I felt in every cell of my body.

I have always been
innately drawn into sound, and more specifically, into blending my voice with whatever I hear to create a “feeling-sense” of oneness. I find it hard to resist the urge to sing along with the washing machine, the hair dryer, a weedeater, a bird, or the sound of wind in the trees.  What I am experiencing more deeply every day is that everything is singing.  Even seemingly lifeless objects are humming at a molecular level. You could say that all of life is music and that everyone and everything is continuously playing an integral part in this great symphony.”  ~~ Sylvia Hutton

Finding Your Voice


Sylvia Hutton is a certified life and career coach and a graduate of The Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. Sylvia works with individuals and groups and facilitates workshops on Finding Your Voice, Developing Your Gifts, and on living fully in the present – The Now.  She says, “My coaching work is about developing human potential – helping people grow into their highest potential to live a more fulfilling and intentional life.”  Sylvia mentors recording artists, songwriters, musicians, and music industry professionals to deepen into their authentic voice.

Music Career:

With the release of Sylvia’s second RCA album, JUST SYLVIA, the single NOBODY sold two million copies and was #1 on all country music charts.  It was awarded BMI Song of the Year
for receiving the most radio airplay that year.
NOBODY also reached #13 as a crossover hit on Billboard’s Top 100 chart and spent a total of 52 weeks on both charts.  Recording for RCA until the end of 1987, Sylvia recorded six albums and garnered a total of 13 Top Ten and No. 1 songs, selling over 4 million records.  

In 1982, Sylvia was named “Female Vocalist of the Year” by the Academy of Country Music and was a Grammy nominee in the “Best Female Country Vocal Performance” category in 1983.  

Over an eight-year period, Sylvia crisscrossed America many times with her popular concert performances (over 200 per year), and she was a frequent guest on network television talk shows and specials – from The Today Show and Good Morning, America to Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, and the Country Music Awards.  

Today Sylvia records for her own independent record label, Red Pony Records and has released three CDs, “The Real Story” (1996), “Where In The World” (2002), and “A Cradle In Bethlehem” (2002).  Sylvia's latest recording (Feb. 2011) is the single, "Cumberland Rose" written by Craig Bickhardt and Jeff Pennig.  You can find all of Sylvia's Red Pony Records recordings at: 



For information about working with Sylvia as your life coach, or to schedule her as a keynote speaker or presenter, contact Sylvia Hutton at or 615-479-4994.